The Trend over Quality Frameless Shower Doors

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There is a new trend in glass shower doors, which have become popular among homeowners, and this is the frameless glass shower door, one with a minimalist look because it is installed without frames but exudes a taste of clean aesthetics.  Learn more about Frameless Shower Doors  at Shower Door & Glass Services in Jackson MS. What attracts more people into adapting the frameless glass shower door is its sleek style in which manufacturers have succeeded in bringing out a variety of designs that have that clean and uncluttered look without the usual metal frames and the desired effect results in a pleasant blend of structure into the bathroom ambience.
Before being swayed by the unique and classy design, it is important that you have a pretty good idea about the pros and cons of owning a quality, frameless glass shower door, so that you are not just basing your purchase on its sleek design and how easily it can be cleaned and maintained, but that there are also downsides to it. Going over the pros of having a quality frameless glass shower door, here are its following advantages: because of its minimalist effect, you have a choice of many interior style models and can even customized the design and size according to your own taste; the absence of metal frames will guarantee no corrosion and replacement needed for the frames; since there are no grooves, cleaning becomes easier and there are no signs of molds and dirt as found in a framed glass door; the glassy feel presents an airy transparency that provides a look of more space in the bathroom; and because of its upscale look and cost, owning one actually adds value to your home. Get more info about  Frameless Shower Doors at Quality Glass INC. Weighing over the cons in acquiring a quality frameless glass shower door, these are the drawbacks: cost of it is more expensive than the regular framed glass door; water can leak out of the glass door since there is no frame or insulation to block the spout water and, thus, it is advisable to put the showerhead way far from the glass door; when there is the presence of extreme heat or pressure in the bathroom, there is a possibility that the glass door can be shattered.
Recent developments to produce better quality frameless glass shower door have been introduced, such as better installation procedures which includes ascertaining that the glass is cut into perfect dimensions; kind of glasses used is the tempered ones so that just in case there is shattering, the glasses are broken into pieces; water treatments are considered add-ons and provided to resist water spots; and some innovative designs on glasses have been upgrades, like the frosted or raindrop glasses which can be a good cover up for water stains.
For you to enjoy the investment of owning a quality frameless glass shower door, look for the right and recognized company which can guarantee you of the quality, secure installation, as well as orientation on the right way to maintain this product for a longer period of use. Learn  more from 

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